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What We Do

MotiviUX focuses on advising and learning through the creation of captivating digital products and services.


Our solutions use distinguished game elements and techniques based on years of experience with game design and research practice, as well as our world-renowned academic work in user experience research, design, and evaluation. We work with our clients to understand their needs and design solutions that are personalized to their users, so they can feel really motivated and engaged.

Persuasive Technologies

Digital solutions can help users achieve their personal goals, be they related to their health, learning, or work. By understanding the users, their needs, aspirations, and challenges, we can design solutions that allow them to thrive and fully achieve their potential.

User Experience

Our user experience methodologies can help you better understand your users or potential customers and design engaging experiences. We can also help you test your applications with several proven techniques, which will help you identify the strong and weak points in your product and turn them into actionable improvement ideas.

Our Services


We can help you design gameful applications or serious games, evaluate your existing applications or design ideas, or help you test your prototype with potential users. We have experience designing and evaluating business, health, and educational applications.


We can help you learn and practice gamification and gameful design tailored to your needs, personalize your gameful designs, or help you learn and apply a variety of user experience research, design, and evaluation methodologies.


We can talk at your event about gamification, games user research, user motivation and engagement, or user experience. We have experience speaking in the most renowned academic and professional Gamification and Human-Computer Interaction events.

Our Vision

Gamification should serve the purpose of improving people’s lives. We use gamification to create enjoyable personalized user experiences that lead to positive behavioural changes and self-improvement, engaging customer and employee relationships, or meaningful learning.

Our Team

Dr. Lennart Nacke

Gamification and User Experience Strategist

Dr. Lennart Nacke

Gamification and User Experience Strategist

Dr. Gustavo Tondello

Gamification Specialist and User Experience Researcher

Dr. Gustavo Tondello

Gamification Specialist and User Experience Researcher

What is Gamification?

Find out what gamification is and how it differs from traditional games. In this video, we define gamification and how it can be used in a variety of different contexts. We provide examples of how gamification is currently being used to improve learning outcomes and increase physical activity.


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